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Related post: Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 00:21:02 -0800 (PST) From: Jack English Subject: Rachel and Chris - best loli sex Part 2 TS/TGRachel and Chrisby Jack Englishcopyright 2007, Part 2In the Apartment We managed to gather ourselves and get out of the car. We laughed and touched each other as we stumbled to the door. Just as Rachel opened it, she put her finger to her lips for me to be quiet. As we walked into the entry, which was a short hallway, Rachel loudly called "Chris, oh Chris." And as he likely thought her to be alone, he walked into view by the sofa which we could see plainly. Maybe I should rephrase. She walked into view. Rachel was right on all counts. Chris was as hot as his year older sister but with shorter hair in a pageboy style cut. Chris was dressed in mid-thigh length skirt, bare feet, and a white blouse. Her legs were every bit as smooth and attractive as his sister though slightly bigger but still petite when compared to most guys. As Chris noticed me he seemed to be shocked that Rachel would have brought someone in the house without telling him. And, as Chris stood looking, not nudist young loli knowing what to say or do, his big sister Rachel, the girl who had been well super childs loli mannered the whole time, spoke loudly to him. loli extreme hard pthc "Don't worry Chris, this is Jack. I just sucked his cock and he is about to fuck me!" she said in a very tipsy voice which clearly indicated that she was more intoxicated from the dinner than I thought. I guess talking about the serious issues of her lolicon pics xxx family had masked her state of mind. Now I was a bit shocked and looked at Chris with an equal expression of shock. That statement did not sound like the Rachel loli forbidden I'd been with all night. Next thing, again before Chris or I could loli kds bbs shy say or do anything, Rachel reached back and unclasp her little back dress and let it fall to the floor. Here I was. Staring at this gorgeous twenty one year old Latina with long dark hair a perfect bronze body standing in heals and encased in sexy black lace-front panties and a matching mid-length bustier which was what she w ng to push those lovely tits up so high and firm. Chris, her brother looking much like her sister, was on the other side of the room and appeared to be shocked by seeing her this way as well. It certainly appeared that this was not normal behavior between them. And, all of this theater from lovely Rachel had so distracted Chris that he wasn't any longer thinking about his appearance. "Wow sis," he finally said breaking the silence, "you sure look hot!" Chris' voice was just a bit lower than what you'd expect from a girl his size but not manly in any way. He laughed as he told fucking lolicon his sister that she looked hot. It was at that moment that a wave of embarrassment passed over sexy Rachel who stood there in black lace and high heels between her boy-girl brother and me, her date and a man twenty years older. I stepped in to squeeze her against me and she wrapped her forum loli porn arms around me and began to giggle. "Which way to your room?" I asked. "This way," she said as she tugged me off and through a door which she closed as we fell through arm in arm. Leaving Chris in the other room without another thought at the moment, she turned her petite, sexy body toward me and began kissing me as she unbuttoned my shirt and lolits porn 14 pulled it off. Next she new bbs loli board undid my slacks and let them fall to the floor as she pulled my boxers down after them.Kneeling in front free lolia videos of me, Rachel again took my now very stiff lolicon sex child cock in her mouth and began to klass loli bbs suck and lick as she fondled my free handing balls. I ran loli nudes model free my fingers through her hair on the top of her sexy head as she sucked me and squeezed my ass and balls with her hands. "Oh Rachel that's good," I said as she took me to the back of her throat clearly having learned to deep throat as a good young upper middle class American girl. japanese sweet loli Even better, taking a hint from my previous actions with her in the car, she took a finger preteen nude loli to my ass and japanese free loli began rubbing my semen and her saliva all over my asshole applying pressure as s deep throated my cock. Here I was, lolicon bbs pthc an old man when compared to her, and I was about to come a second time in less than twenty minutes! What a sexy, talented lover Rachel had turned out to be. She may have been used to young college boys having this type of recovery and stamina but if she knew what a deal it was for me she would loli nonude gallery have been proud. Still wearing her sexy bustier and black panties with her heels on, she was so gorgeous to view as I looked down and saw her silky dark hair spread across about loli pic bbs her back. Then she did it: She pressed her finger slightly into my asshole, applied pressure to my cock with her mouth and tongue, and looked up at me with those big dark eyes. My sphincter clamped down on her finger as my cock began shooting come. Rachel kept taking my much smaller load of come in her mouth and massaged it lolitta models non nude all from my cock using her tongue and lips and free hand. She pulled her finger from my ass and then stood up suddenly and pranced off to the bathroom. "Fantastic!" I said aloud quietly as I reclined on her bed and waited for her to return. I was hoping she would leave on the lingerie as that is very much to my liking but who was I to complain whatever she did? In a few moments she appeared completely nude with water droplets covering her and her long hair wet and matted against her back. She had taken a very quick rinse in the shower and looked incredibly sexy standing silhouetted by the brighter light loli ru bbs of the bathroom behind her. "Oh Jack?" she said sexily, "I've got a surprise for you." "Stand up Jack," she commanded. I immediately complied and she sprinted toward me leaping up on me just before hitting. I caught her by the legs and she grabbed me behind my neck. Her surprise was her hot pussy now rubbing against my hardening dick as she had her little body wrapped around my much larger frame. free ametuer porn loli "Fuck me, Jack!" she demanded. I turned and we fell to the bed where I entered her hot pussy with her leg d around me. We kissed almost violently as I began fucking her with as much rhythm as I could muster being held so tightly. When she had come out of the bathroom I had gotten my first look at her breasts and they were as firm and perfect as I had suspected upon our meeting at the car wash. Small C to large B cups on a very petite frame with perfect bronze skin. I moved down and licked her hard nipples as I fucked her and she arched her back to receive me more deeply. Having achieved orgasm twice in the past hour was going turning to a firm asset as there is no way I was going to come before Rachel had fucked herself silly on my cock. I flipped her over to my favorite position with her on top of my reclining body, impaled on my cock, and looking right at me. Her breasts were swollen, nipples hard, and her wet hair felt cold as it danced across my nipples. I began to massage her breasts and lift my head up to lick and suck them. Rachel began to increase her tempo fucking my cock and began to moan "Yes, yes" as my tongue danced across her nipples. She quickly reached orgasm and fell against me with her warm pre teens russian loli body against my chest as her pussy clamed down upon my cock in spasm after spasm. Her breath was heavy and filled my neck and ear with warmth as she recovered from her climax. "Rachel, you are incredible. Fantastic, Tremendous," I said as she recovered. That brought a lifting of the head and a smile followed by a deep, slow, sensual little loli bbs kiss. Rachel's backdoor After cuddling and falling asleep together, I woke with Rachel slowly and lightly nibbling my neck and ear. Glancing at the lolicon hardcore art thumbs clock on her dresser, we'd slept about an hour after our hot first fuck. I had to admit it to myself: Rachel was about the most perfect female specimen I'd ever had the pleasure to make love with. Not just young and pretty, Rachel was gorgeous with perfect, tan skin, an incredible petite body, and self confidence. She seemed to understand her sexuali As we began to kiss again and rub our bodies, we talked between kisses and licks. Rachel was being very complimentary to me and began telling me things about herself. She surprised me as she told tits loli kid teen me that Hardcore lolits she had only had intercourse with two other boys. One sweet illegal loli was when she was about sixteen and another boyfriend for over a year when she was nineteen. I asked her how she became so good at blow jobs then. She said that in high school she had given several of those and that is was very common now for girls to give oral sex loli forum sex anime but refrain from intercourse. I told her that I liked that fact as many men like oral better than intercourse but that most women were the opposite. She actually was surprised to hear that older women don't all like giving head. "I like it," she said and explained that it made her feel hot and sexy to know that she was bringing a man to such an orgasmic height. "We like it too," I assured her. I then told her how very young lolitta sites much I loved the fact that her pussy was completely smooth and hairless. She seemed pleased that it turned me on and I expanded on the subject by telling her just how much it turned me on. I decided to demonstrate by moving my mouth to her lovely pussy and started licking and sucking until she was shaking with pleasure. Rachel pulled my head in tightly against her pussy as I pressed her clit with my tongue. I moved the rough of my tongue across her swollen clitoris lil lolits tgp and she began to buck with orgasm. Her thighs held me tight and her hands pressed me against her shaven, smooth pussy while she enjoyed the waves of her climax. It was just as Rachel was relaxing again from her orgasm that we were reminded of Chris as we heard music coming from the other room. "I can't believe I masterbation loli did that!" Rachel said remembering her entry into the apartment. "Chris is going to kill me," she added as she remembered the whole scene and played it out in her mind again. "I bet if he cares about you as much as you care t be upset at all," I said. "You were obviously having a good time and she could tell," I said specifically using the female pronoun for Chris. kds loli bbs "You called Chris "she"," preteen lolits com noticed Rachel. "Chris would love that, really she would." "I've been trying to remember to refer to her that way too when we are at 15yo loli tenn home but it has been hard to do since she has been a he for my whole life. loli storys At least Chris goes both ways as a name, I don't think I could handle changing names," she added. "Does Chris date or have girl or boyfriends over?" I asked. "Not that I know of," she said explaining again that he hasn't been going top lolitta porn links out in public as a female even though he looks as great free loli sex pics as most any girl. "But he does use the vibrator and play with his girl pussy," I reminded her. "You sound like you know something about all of this," Rachel said to me looking as if she wanted me to tell her more. "Well, I'm not exactly unaware of cross dressers and boy-girls," I said. I wasn't going to tell her that I'd actually had experience with the subject first hand but I did want her to know that I was not in the dark about the subject. "I've read sexy stories about them online and seen pictures and a few videos," I added wondering what her reaction would be. Then I ventured a comment as I began massaging her asshole with my finger as we hugged. "I've always found the ones that look fully female to be kind of sexy." Rachel began to wriggle as I massaged her sphincter. Then I began to push a well lubricated finger inside and she gasped as I entered her. "You know that the ladyboys consider this to be their pussy. See how much imgboard jp loli pleasure they can get on the back side?" I asked as I slowly loosened Rachel's tight muscles. There had been no resistance from her so I continued on with the assumption that she was really enjoying this new experiment with anal play. I asked her how it lubricant and she pointed to the nightstand which was in easy reach without me pulling out. So I leaned over and grabbed the KY and squeezed a bit out in my hand one-handed to warm it up. As it warmed I began rubbing into Rachel's tight ass. "Rachel, you sexy gorgeous girl, I'm going to fuck your sexy ass in a few minutes. What do you think forum loli photo about that?" I asked in her ear. "Mmmm, it sounds exciting," she said as I continued fingering her ass and about to insert a second finger. "It will be tight and might hurt a little bit when we start," I said. "You'll need to work at relaxing your muscles to accommodate the size." "I've a confession," she said as she turned her head toward me. "After hearing Chris' vibrator buzzing, I've found where it is kept and have been using it on myself for months, including in my ass. It's loli lands not as big as your cock but I know what you're talking about so go ahead baby and fuck me. I've wanted to know what it would feel like since thinking about what Chris must feel." I worked three fingers into her sexy ass and then moved up with my knees on each side of Rachel's sexy hips. Then I began to slowly press my cock against her hole working up to penetration. As she began to loli and info push her ass back against my cock I took that as a sign to begin to penetrate her. All the while I was talking very softly and very dirty to her. "I'm working my cock into your sexy ass Rachel," I'd say. "Feel my big cock stretching your little ass, sweetheart." And, lolipopteenhandjob "I'm going to fuck you in the ass you little slut." My talking and constant pressure seemed to work well as my cock began to slide into Rachel's tight ass. I squeezed more KY on and slowly pushed deeper into this petite beauty. She grabbed the sheets and clutched them in her hands but made no sounds of discomfort. Instead she moaned as if she was feeling the pleasure of the extreme stimulation. "How is Rachel? How does my cock feel In a breathy voice obviously still getting accustomed to the intrusion, she said "Wow it feels tight and full, much better than the vibrator. I can feel the heat of your body and the throb of your heart beat." We stayed still for a while as Rachel's backdoor pussy relaxed around my cock. As she began to move slowly, so did I and within a few minutes I was loli nu russian taking long and deep strokes into her very tight asshole. little lolitta underground "Oh yeah, fuck my ass," she began to pant lifting herself up under me to meet each stroke. "Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me in my ass," she continued lolitta porno to groan. dark loli collection "Your ass is so tight and hot. If you keep free lolits porn talking dirty to me, I'll shoot my load right up your ass," I warned. "Good, fuck my ass. Fuck me and shoot your hot come in my ass," she demanded as she increased the tempo of her hip movements. I began fucking her ass harder and faster and felt myself getting closer to orgasm. "I'm going to come in your ass baby," I said as I plunged as deeply as possible. "Come in me, do it. Come in me now," ordered Rachel. My orgasm hit and I shot lolicon incest videos my come deeply into her ass. This lead to Rachel panting out an excited loli ped "I can feel it, I can feel it. Wow! It feels hot inside!" Secretly I knew just what she was enjoying. When the ladyboy I'd met years before fucked me in the ass after years of having used a vibrator too, the feeling of the real flesh was incredible. And while there had been a condom on the naked loli ladyboy's cock, I could also feel the heat of the juice in my body. Slowly I animated lolicon incest withdrew from Rachel's tight cartoon loli ass. All the while she was telling me how great it had felt. We both trotted off to her bathroom with me jumping in the shower as she handled other matters. A few moments later she joined me in the shower and we soaped pregnat lolicon and cleaned each other followed by a wonderful session of applying lotion to every inch girlz loli of our bodies. By now it was well past 3 am and I told Rachel that it w est if I left now so as to avoid another scene with Chris. I dressed as she helped while wrapped in a sexy little short robe. As I dressed I thought about how fabulous Rachel is and how much I hope to keep seeing her. She must have been thinking the same because when I incest loli hentai pics had put on my shoes, she looked up at me while hugging me and said, "I hope this is only the beginning." I caressed her lovely hair and told her not to worry and that "I think we'll be seeing each other every chance we get." We kissed and Rachel walked me to the door where we kissed again and I left. Part 4Rachel helps Chris Our prediction turned out to be true. Rachel and I saw each other exclusively for the next several months. Our mutual virgin pussy loli attraction grew far beyond sex and we both enjoyed the company of one another. She was not possessive and didn't bother me about my work and demands on my time, conversely I was happy for her to be in school, working and having a wide range of friends with whom she lolit gallery free spent time. It was a rare night that she did not spend with me free 12yo loli or me with her. And, as she was extremely feminine and very much a girly-girl, she had fully taken to my love of fine lingerie. I'd ordered an outfit or two per week on-line and she would find a way to surprise me wearing it. She told me that Chris had started to notice her growing collection of expensive lingerie and was jealous. He told her that he wished he had 3d lolicon video ru a lover who would treat him as I did her. Anal sex had become a regular part of our love making and for some time she had used loli porn video free a vibrator, that I bought for her, to stimulate my ass. I loved it when she sucked my cock and fucked my ass at the same time. But like she had been, loli stars I desired the feeling of erotica loli the real thing. Knowing how much she cared for Chris, and aware of my own fantasies, I started sending a lingerie package for Chris ever other week or so too. Chris and I had still not spoken much as she would generally withdraw to her bedroom when I was at t ought Chris was still uncomfortable having people see her dresses as a woman. Well sending the lingerie to Chris seemed to make a big difference in pulling her out of her shell of doubt. After receiving the first package, she only asked Rachel to tell me thank you. But after the second, she felt compelled to tell me thank you personally. When I came over instead of running away, Chris stayed in the room and told me how much she appreciated the gifts. She surprised Rachel and me both by stepping up and hugging me and planting a kiss on my cheek. "This is certainly new," I thought. That evening in bed, Rachel told me that she thought that Chris had a crush on me big time! "There's no doubt it," she said. "Chris has the hots for you and as your lover I can understand why!" As she said this she lowered her mouth over my top sex loli cock and began to suck me to full tumescence and I put my head back enjoying the feeling and thinking that just maybe I like the idea of the cute Chris having a crush on me. free japan loli movie It wasn't long before Rachel was on top of me in the 69 with her slick pussy over my dancing tongue. She also had grabbed the vibrator and had pushed it deep into my ass as she sucked my cock. The feeling was incredible as she pushed it in and out while taking my cock deep into her sexy mouth. I fingered her ass as I licked her clit and she started talking dirty to me which always works to bring about my climax. "Yeah, lick my pussy while I fuck your ass. I'm fucking your ass big boy, just like you fuck me," she exclaimed. I found myself talking back in loli home pics the same manner, trading nasty statements as we stimulated our bodies. Then I said it without thinking: "I bet Chris would like to have a good fuck!" young bbs loli I immediately thought I'd messed it up as bbs image loli Rachel stopped sucking my cock and left the vibrator buried in me without movement. lolicon sex free bbs Turning her head back to look at me as she rolled on to her side, she said: "You're right, I bet een shutting himself up and running that vibrator since you send him the packages, I know who he wants that fuck from!" "Would you do it Jack? Would you have sex with Chris all dressed up in the lingerie you bought?" she asked. I was unsure what to say but it seemed as if she was once again trying to help Chris and was suggesting the idea. So, I ventured a cautious yes. "I'd make love with Chris if you were part of it. But I'd only want it to be with you," I said. "I mean he, or she, is your brother, or sister. Could you participate?" I asked seriously. She thought about it for a few moments and then said, "I'd do just about anything to help Chris and as long as it was just touching and making love with you, I wouldn't have a preteen lolite problem. It might be sexy lolitta gallery a lot of fun." "Well, if you think we could manage it I'd go for it but there is one request. I want to feel her girly cock in my ass," I said with a wry smile. "Oooh, that would be exciting," Rachel said as she began moving the vibrator in and out of me again and leaned back over to preteen lolits bbs suck my hard cock. In just a few moments I was shooting my come all over her mouth. She leaned up and rubbed it into my face and used her tongue to push some into my mouth saying, "You should get used to it if you're going to fuck Chris!" I figured that at some point in the future loli brutal Rachel would talk with Chris and broach the subject to gage her interest. So imagine my surprise when I came out of the shower in Rachel's bathroom and stepped into the bedroom to find Rachel dressed in heels, black stockings with a matching garter belt, black shelf bra showing off her hard nipples, and deep red lipstick on her mouth. And her sister, clearly, dressed lolit pic in the most recent outfit I'd sent. White stockings hentai loli fotos and garter, white see through lacy panties, and white bustier. Chris looked as sexy as just about any young college girl you could meet. She was soft, feminine, hairless loli cartoons porn and had a fac her sister's. One difference I could see was what surprised me as being a very sexy bulge under the white lace panties. Chris' girl cock was fully visible and seeing it behind the lace really turned me on. I couldn't look at much else as I took in this surprise sight. The two stepped toward me and felt the sexy and familiar touch of Rachel as she ran her hands all over my naked body. She kissed me and as she did so I felt the heat of Chris pulling into a three-way hug. I could feel Chris' boy clit against my thigh and knew that one of the hands squeezing my ass was his. As I kissed Rachel, she moved my hands toward Chris and guided me to stroke his body instead of hers. I followed her lead and began to rub and caress Chris. Soon, she turned our kiss toward Chris inviting his mouth to meet mine. Chris and I began to kiss passionately and Rachel went to her knees and began to suck on my cock. As Chris and I kissed, I treated Chris as I would any girl. I began to kiss her neck and down her chest until I was on my knees. I was face to face with her boy-clit. I began to kiss it through the white lace. I made love to it through the lace while stimulating her boy pussy with my fingers under her white panties. "That is so HOT!" said Rachel as she sat on the edge of the bed watching us while slowly fingering her pussy and nipples. I thought when looking over at her that she looked HOT sitting their stimulating herself while watching us! "Suck Chris' little clit," she suggested lewdly. preteen nude lolits I pulled the panties down slightly and brought out Chris' hard cock. I looked at it for a moment and with Rachel's encouragement took it into my mouth. It felt good to have a feminine cock in my mouth again, the again part Rachel knew nothing of. After sucking Chris for some time I stood up and we kissed again sharing the slick juice. This time our cocks rubbed together as we kissed and it felt wonderful. lolit vid "Chris, I want to fuck youngest loli pics yo y-pussy. Would you like that?" I asked. "Yes, very much," Chris said softy. Rachel and I guided Chris to the bed and placed her on her back. With her legs over my shoulders I began sucking her clit while generously lubricating her ass with KY jelly. I fingered her a bit but she was already loose from all the use of the vibrator. I stood up and motioned for Rachel to put two pillows under Chris' ass which she did. Then, I put her ankles on my shoulders and Rachel helped to hold them in place. This gave her a great view of my cock as it slowly entered into Chris receptive boy-pussy. Chris has practiced often so it was easy to penetrate her and she really looked cute as her mouth gaped open as she enjoyed my cock pushing in and out of her asshole. loli newsgroups Rachel seemed to really enjoy watching this and was not helping me remain hard by fingering my ass at the same asian schoolgirl cp loli time. I was going to come soon and there was little I could do about japanese loli forum that so I asked Chris: "Do you want me come inside you?" "Yes, please come in me," Chris said. In just a few more strokes, I reached orgasm and loliland loita xxx shot my come deep into Chris' ass. And just as I did, Chris' clit began to shoot white cream all over the bustier she was wearing. Apparently all of this was enough for Rachel too as she must have been rubbing her pussy while fingering me because she let loose with an orgasmic scream I'd not heard from her before. As I turned to look, she was crumpling to the floor with spasms of pleasure. Chris was on the bed breathing hard and fondling her clit attempting to recover from what I assumed was her first real fucking. That left me standing with a hard cock and no relief so I moved up onto the bed and put my cock just by Chris' mouth. Chris immediately took me between her red lips and began to give me a blow job to rival those of her sister. Soon I ls pics loli was shooting my come in Chris' mouth and she swallowed every drop. "That is so sexy and hot!" Rachel repeated s she was again hugging me with her hot sexy body and watching Chris lie in ecstasy. Rachel seemed truly pleased that she bbs image cp loli had been able to give Chris this experience and was all smiles. "I haven't forgotten about you," she said as she started kissing me again. "Chris, I want you to do something for me," Rachel said to her sister. "I want you to get your dick hard and fuck Jack up the ass while I watch." The latter sentence being somewhat of a command, Chris just shook her head in the affirmative and stood up stroking her now hardened cock. Rachel had me lie face russian lolis down on the bed with the two pillows under my cock. She then lubed up my ass showing every detail to Chris, lecturing aloud about how to get an ass ready to fuck. She seemed to really be getting off on instructing Chris on how to fuck me but I doubted the Chris needed any instruction. I could feel Chris' stockings rubbing up against my legs as she straddled bbs loli world pics me moving her coquette to my opening. Chris slowly pushed into me and after a few moments had buried her entire shaft deep within my ass. It felt great. Hot and pulsating loli mpeg list and I loli nude petit model was looking forward to feeling my first shot of hot come inside loli girl pics without the barrier of a condom. As Chris began fucking me harder and faster, beautiful Rachel came around and places her bald pussy in front of my face and pulled my head into her. Here I was with her lingerie clad boy-girl brother fucking my ass while my head was buried in pussy of one of the sexiest girls I'd ever met. "What at day," I thought as Chris continued to stroke in and out of my ass. "Chris," Rachel began to shout, "come in his ass. Shoot your come deep in my boyfriend's ass!" Chris was pounding be hard by now and responded to the Rachel's shouts of "fuck him in the ass, come in him." And just as I was about to join the chorus, Chris froze for an instant, then he pushed deep into me and began shooting his loli freedom bbs hot come inside me. "Wow!" lode inside. "It's just like you said," I said nn lolia to Rachel loli girls naturalist who seemed very pleased at having presided over the whole event. After a little time had passed, Chris withdrew to his bathroom to clean up and I did the same. When I came back into the room, Rachel was on the bed with her legs spread and her vibrator working her pussy. Her eyes were closed so little loli cuties I crept up beside her and placed my cock gently on her lips. She took me inside and sucked me as she brought herself to orgasm with the vibrator. "Jack, that was the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life!" she stated enthusiastically. "Seeing you suck on Chris and then fuck him was incredible but seeing him, well her, on top of you fucking your ass was just too much!!" she said. "I'm glad you liked it, I rather enjoyed it little lolitta free gallerie too." I said. About that time we saw Chris in the door. This time dressed in a sexy pleated skirt. She had the whole school girl look going. "Chris, you look really hot," I said sincerely which brought a smile to her pretty face. "Come over here," I commanded and Chris came to the edge of the bed standing over us. graet lolit bbs I reached over and felt under the skirt Chris was wearing and felt her cock under soft satin panties. I surprised Rachel and Chris by leaning over and taking Chris' cock in my mouth again. This time I sucked Chris until she came in my mouth. I then went preteens lolicon straight for Rachel and kissed her with her brother's come in my mouth and shared it with her before she could object. Chris just smiled as she saw what I was doing and horny lolicon reached over and stroked her sister's hair while we kissed. "Rachel," I said as our mouths parted, "do you think that Chris needs to hide when I come over from now on? Or should she just come on in when the door is open and join her sister in getting some good cock?" Rachel looked up at Chris and said "I think she should come in and be the girl she's always wanted to be." The End.
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